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Originally Posted by StringerBell View Post
You do realize Luongo can't be traded until after the CBA is settled, right? At this moment you can't trade him for anything, let alone something that can help us now, whatever that may be (more mediators?). The deals being discussed regarding a cap drop to $60 million next season are obviously conditional on that actually taking place, and wouldn't be able to occur before it's an impending reality. No harm in discussing our options if the new CBA includes the financial issues that the players and owners have both said they're okay with in principle.

If you find it tortuous to read fans speculate about the cba negotiations' effect on Luongo's trade value in a negative light, you probably aren't cut out for HFboards.

You missed the point of well that poitn. It was simply to state everyone is speculating, and then saying we need to trade by this date. Who knows, now maybe we get down to 50/50 the way the players suggested, by going 57%, then 54%, then 51% and this keeps the cap at 70 mil, meaning we can afford Lui until whenever.

All I was saying is it is all speculation at this point. There is no drop dead date right now for trading lui, just like we can't actually trade lui.

Originally Posted by craigcaulks View Post
You can always be sure that everyone will offer their 2 cents when it comes to analogies not being perfect.

It's pretty simple, it was stated that the team that moves the best player in a deal loses. However, if you get three smaller parts that as a whole do more for your team than say, a BACK UP GOALIE, then you haven't lost. In fact, it is very possible that both teams win. Never mind the fact we'd possibly open up cap space to add pieces at the deadline.
Those three small parts would have to help us more then the goalie tandem that has won us the last two Presidents Trophy's. Two players we have lots of ie Kuli and Bozak are not going to do this... and this coming from someone who thinks if we trade witht he leafs, Bozak is coming this way.

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