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Originally Posted by DaaaaB's View Post
Kind of agree but those teams won major conferences and automatic bids therefore they had to be included. Plus, both those teams would roll over NIU. But yeah I'm not a fan of the Big East getting an automatic bid. That being said, any team that wins the Big East played a much tougher schedule than a non-major conference team did.

I guess if you don't want to see competitive bowls games then it would seem silly.

I don't get this attitude at all. Punishing teams because they actually played good teams instead of a bunch of pushovers is completely wrong imo. OU lost two games this year and they were to two top 5 teams. NIU loses to a garbage team and only beats 3 teams that even have a winning record yet they get in a BCS bowl. That makes no sense at all.

Nothing you said there changes the fact that they lost to the worst Iowa team I've ever seen. Iowa was just flat out bad this year and no BCS bowl team should've lost to that team whether it was the first game of the year or not.
But this is why the anti-NIU sentiment to me is silly -- they ARE an automatic qualifier. They weren't picked. They met all the standards needed for a team in that position to qualify for a BCS game and thus are in.
The formula picked NIU over Oklahoma. It wasn't a group of people sitting in a room wanting to screw Oklahoma and viewers.

As for the quality of the game -- we'll see. Maybe NIU does get poleaxed a'la Hawaii in its one BCS trip. Then again, few thought Boise State would beat Oklahoma and Utah would beat Alabama.
The little guy beating a big name program (especially one that may be feeling disappointed about their season) isn't an unheard of thing.

The three biggest reasons Oklahoma is out have nothing to do with NIU:
1. They lost twice (quality of opponent doesn't matter, once you start losing you lose control of your future).
2. The Big 10 sucked.
3. The Big East sucked.

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