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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Also, Steve Fehr is a labor lawyer. That attempt at a point is dead. Abandon it.
What? No, it's not dead just because you don't like it. Don is the head of the PA, that is a fact, and as long as he is the head he should be able to look over the CBA before the players sign it; it's what they hired him for. Sure, Steve act as a substitute but he is only there as just that, a substitute. Six businessmen and Daly give them an offer and they want six unexperienced players and one lawyer to look at it, hoping the lawyer miss something. Obviously that lawyer is gonna ask for a second opinion from an associate as all lawyers have done since the dawn of the profession.

You're really afraid a bunch of billionaires who are raking in the dough won't make more the next played season than they did before, aren't you?

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