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12-07-2012, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
You can't throw money at an incredibly broken education system like they have in the US and expect it to improve unilaterally. More money does not change the unions protecting bad teachers nor does it change certain acts like No Child Left Behind.

I am definitely opposed to taking from a fundamentally needy area and moving it into a private profiteering venture, but none of that has been proposed in either Edmonton or Detroit's plans. To claim any public funding is paramount to stealing from education and children is just another biased claim and such claims are constructed to misinform and rile up the people who don't bother to educate themselves on the matter. We may as well claim any funds not diverted directly into education as stealing from children if that was the case.
you'd think the city could redirect the1.5% neighbourhood revitialization levy towards the project for one year or two. Having a new area would do more to revitilize an area of town than new sidewalks would in my part of town.
the city of Edmonton website states "From 2012-14, the City will invest $415.2 million in Neighbourhood Renewal." so throw some of that to the project and our taxes wouldn't even have to go up.

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