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12-07-2012, 02:21 PM
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The End of the NHL (?)

With this current stalemate and potential losses, could this lead to the end of the NHL (or at least the NHL as we know it)? Let's say that this labour dispute is never resolved, so the alternative is for the owners to suspend the NHL and start a new league (NHL II, NHA II, MLH, etc). It may sound perposterous, but the NHL started because of disputes between the National Hockey Association owners and Toronto Blueshirts owner Eddie Livingston - team names and awards were transfered to the new league.

The question is could history repeat itself and it happens again? If so, what would the business implimentations be? If not all of the 30 teams were a part of the new league, what would be the recourse or exit strategy for the owners? With copyrights and licencing agreements, could existing franchises keep their identities or would they have to start new (for example, goody bye Montreal Canadiens, hello Montreal __________). Would all existing NHL contracts and drafting rights become null & void? Or would this be so complicated it wouldn't be worth the effort?

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