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There is a mess. Seems many people dont understand KHL rules.

What we know? Magnitogorsk says it is verbal deal (official website), agent says it is opt out clause (

1.Verbal deal is not legally binding in KHL

Статья 16. Общие положения
11. Контракт является полным соглашением между сторонами. Устные договоренности не имеют силы. Все изменения в Стандартном Контракте Хоккеиста КХЛ после его регистрации в ЦИБ КХЛ категорически запрещаются.
Paragraph 16. Generall Issues
11. Contract (written, standard KHL player contract) is fully agreement among both contractors (player and club). Verbal agreements are not legally binding. No amendments of contract are allowed after registration of contract in KHL CIB (information system of KHL, hope NHL has the same)
2. KHL contract does not include opt out clause

Статья 17. Недопустимость особых условий в Стандартном Контракте Хоккеиста КХЛ
2. Запрещается наличие условий относительно досрочного расторжения или приостановления Контрактов в связи с отъездом Игроков в Клубы других хоккейных лиг или федераций.
Paragraph 16. Banned conditions of contract
2. It is not allowed to include into contract a opt out condition/clause which means termination of contract in the case if a players signs contract with club of another league or hockey federation.
both here

GM of Magnitogorsk said there is verbal deal that Ryan will stay this season in KHL (lockout ot not). Yes, this deal can be changed.

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