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12-07-2012, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by whatsbruin View Post
I suppose it depended upon the work place.

If its the shipping docks I suppose its okay, but an office
no way.

I work in a casual office, jeans and T-shirts , and no one

So its acceptable in shipping jobs? I dont think so. This behavour and calling people Bs and Cs is not professional or apprioriate. You do this in your free time not at work, and especially no in front of your staff. Its about setting a good example. The formers bosses ive had who acted like this, i saw as clowns. They may be nice guys but i cant take you seriously as a boss if you act this way.

Ive had bosses in the past who would literally spill all the beans to me on my first day about the office staff and then he starts venting with the F, B and C bombs. lol.

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