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12-07-2012, 02:30 PM
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Again, for what seems like the millionth time by now, I fail to see how everyone on here it seems keep portraying the players as the unreasonable party in all of this. They are on the only ones who have agreed to any reductions in benefits. Can ANYONE here name a single issue where the owners are giving up ANYTHING? They are receiving a greater benefit on, I think, every issue. The Players' % of HRR is coming down significantly. I significant move, and probably a reasonable one. A 50-50 split makes some sense. The Players have already agreed to a limit on the length of contracts, albeit at a different number than the owners, but the end result will be close to 5 than 8. Donald Fehr is looking out for the interests of the individuals he represents. Whether you like it or not, Players get paid millions of dollars per year to play a game, however, that is not something that should be held against them if that is what the market allows them to make. The very top in any industry gets paid million of dollars. Whether that is an attorney, doctor, or in the financial market. They are in the top .01 % of their chosen profession, that should not be held against them.

Thus, it is commendable in my view, that the Players have taken a long term approach during these negotiations, instead of rolling over and playing dead, because if they did, it would send a signal to the other party that every 6-8 years their share of the pie can be made smaller, and smaller, and smaller. They are looking out for the best interests of future NHL players, not just its current membership. Whether you disagree with that or not, that is up to you. I guess we will see if the NHL and Gary Bettman think that in the end, a significant reduction in HRR%, caps on player contracting rights, a rollback in the salary cap, and long term economic stability is enough for them to swallow, otherwise they will cancel the season and cause massive damage to their product that will take YEARS to recover from. I think that is the play Donald Fehr is banking on... because I cannot see ownership inflicting such damage when the sides are talking near the same language.

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