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12-07-2012, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Tundraman View Post
Let's forget that most of these owners have deep pockets outside of Hockey and just look at Hockey operations.

In most cases it would hurt the owners more since many teams are already losing money even spending near the bottom cap. Many franchises are not self sustainable at current costs. For most of the current individual player there may be no effect on their future contract at all. Top players will get top dollars and the rest divide what's left. A yearly 5-7% growth in hockey related revenue (HRR) is supposed to take care of the players. This isn't equally true for the owners since ever rising costs affect the owners much more than the players who have everything covered for them by the team (travel, accommodations, meals, trainers, doctors, rinks, equipment etc... on top of their paycheck.
I really don't care who it hurts in hockey

Both sides are extremely fortunate, and their problems are nothing compared to the problems millions face every day

If they weren't so petty they could have had a deal done a while ago

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