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12-07-2012, 02:34 PM
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Wandered around a bit more in the game and noted that the radio problem only seems to be occurring on the crotch rockets so far....and it's annoying.

One other thing I noted when wandering around the back alleys is that many of the textures are wrong or missing altogether. I'm surprised that they let this go given their standards but then I remembered how much of a pain the the backside GTA 4 was to start on the PC and it made sense.

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I bought III a little while back but couldn't get used to the controls. I could be facing my target dead on and my guy would 180 and start shooting random peds. Any improvement in that area?
A little but not much. I'm having a hard time jumping on the hoods of moving cars (you can jump on the hoods and take a free ride on top of the car). I did a rampage and getting the weapon you have to fire doesn't always work right when you want. However, when it starts firing it works great. The driving is much better too.

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Iphone 5?

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