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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
interesting video of jamison and perhaps indicative of deceit ...

looking up and to the left (from the viewer's perspective, the subject's right) is the standard microexpression indicator of deeply accessing the creative side of the brain and thus 'lying'. looking up to the other side (our right, their left) is indicative of accessing memory, or 'recalling' the truth.

look at 1:17 and again at 1:19, just prior to him stating "and now I think we have the opportunity to cut the deal with the NHL and try to finish this". he seems to be accessing the creative side of his brain, not the factual side, and thus making things up .. lying.

if i were a betting man, i'd say he does NOT think he has an opportunity to cut the deal with the NHL and finish this.

i'd bet he's either lying, or he is so uncertain of his investors that he is not at all confident that he will finish this deal and does not consider it a fact.
I am not a psychologist, so I don't know whether Jamison was giving non-verbal cues about his veracity. However, we do have a track record to follow. He had a chance to finalize a lease and close a deal for well over a year, and accomplished nothing. In May/June we heard him and Bettman say that they were just a few weeks from finalizing the sale, only to have everything go back into his communication deep freeze. I think it is relevant to ask what evidence exists that suggests that he now has the investors. His word for it hasn't worked out so well before. Even his suggestion that he anticipated that he could close a purchase agreement within 45-60 days, if things progress well, is not all that reassuring. If he had the investors in place, I would have thought that he would have a purchase agreement all set to go when the lease is approved. Consider how quickly other sales agreements have closed, how long he has had to plan for this, and how vague he is about how quickly he can conclude the purchase. Let's just say that he doesn't inspire confidence.

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