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12-07-2012, 03:07 PM
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If 5 year contracts is such a stupid thing to hold out for, why not just have the players agree to it and call it a done deal? I mean since contract length isn't such an important issue in your opinion CB....

The fact that the NHL is willing to stand firm to the 5-year contracts isn't some grand revelation. At the very start of this the two points that every analyst agreed were the goals of the owners was the reduction of the players share of revenues (pretty much everyone assumed that it'd end up at 50/50 eventually) and contract length (5-year limit has been pretty much a firm stance from day 1). Why the PA would even think that an 8-year max term would be acceptable to the NHL when for months the league has been unwilling to move off of 5 years is beyond any rational thought. The only reasons the NHLPA would have for NOT accepting the 5-year limit are 1) ensuring top players get paid even if they underperform, or 2) ensuring top players get paid many many millions even if they get injured early in a long contract. Either way I don't see how fighting on contract length serves the interest of the majority of the NHLPA membership who likely will never even be offered a 5-year contract in their career, nonetheless an 8-year one.

You are a pro-union, pro-players guys CB. Do you really feel Fehr is acting in the best interests of the majority of the NHLPA membership by fighting the battle between 5 or 8 year contracts that will apply to likely at most the top 5% of the union or less? I never took you for a guy who'd support the trampling of the little guy in favor of the selfish desires of the elitist superminority.

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