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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
Oh wow breaking news you are in line with the players CB.

One can very easily say step back and look at the owners offer before it was cherry picked yesterday. Was that not a reasonable offer. That 300 million and a lot of the movement on contracts was contingent on some of the things they deemed valuable. The two sides basically got together and said what are your three most important things. The owners included all three of the players main components, the players included one. It is about that simple, so step back and look at it that way.

But by all means keep looking at this as a point by point give and take process. Certain things have a lot more weight, you heard that yesterday or at least I did, all I can really hope is the NHLPA did.

They got the owners to negotiate against themselves for a long time and it stopped yesterday, it was going to happen eventually.

Oh my god.
Just because you MAY be INLINE with the owners, doesn't mean I am in line with the PA.

I wanted the PA to go after the cap if they were going to fight.

If the PA was going to fight for two months or more, I wanted the owners to get smacked.

But that's not happening. The PA has lost.

Forget the crap. Open your eyes. And look at the deal.

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