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12-07-2012, 03:18 PM
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I've never posted here on the main boards but do post on the Ranger boards. A few weeks ago I made the point that there is no guarantee that a sports league will survive forever. Even the most successful league in the world, the English Premier League, has only been in existence since 1992 when many of the top teams pulled out of its predecessor league to take advantage of making more money in a new league with higher TV revenues.

Though the situation is different in North America and the legalities would certainly seem to mitigate against the death of the NHL, if the season is cancelled and next season put into peril, who knows what will happen. By next year at this time we could see multiple teams go bankrupt and all teams, seeking to save money, saying that they no longer could support their AHL teams. That league could fold.

At that point, who knows what would happen. A new hockey league with big market teams US teams and all Canadian teams (plus QC, Hamilton, and perhaps elsewhere in Ontario) would seem a strong possibility.

Not to say that it would happen, but you never know. Right now the NHL is on the road to oblivion. The true "financial cliff" lies with the NHL. Maybe a new league would be called the WHA2 (WHA "The Next Generation?")

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