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12-07-2012, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Vicente View Post
Okay, so then I guess we are on the same side.

And Faterson should be too. If he wants to see good hockey in Europe, first address is KHL.
Faterson lives in a deluded world judging by much of his ramblings on the topic.

Good hockey already exists in Europe. Very good hockey.

The Lehtera example has two meanings behind it. Firstly, European hockey is stylistically different. Not all players can adapt and excel at the two variants (Large and small ice). Many quality European players don't transition well to NA ice, and vica versa (As we see with Evander Kane for example). Or it takes too long to transition, and thus is financially rewarding to stay in Europe. This leads to the second point, some teams in Europe (largely the KHL) can offer good money to players who are not guaranteed NHL time. Making millions as a higher tier guy in the KHL or potentially AHL/limited time in NA to adapt to different philosophies?

None of this has anything to do however with the elite talent. The elite European talent, those can practically step into the NHL right way, or require maybe 1-2 year in the AHL at a young age (Not like 23 or 24) will always favour the NHL the way things are currently structured ; that is where the money is. It is this simple. No need to discuss anything else. The market and distrubtion is driven by money, and the money is still by far more prevailent in the NHL.

This is why a Global league is nonsense. Nothing would change. I think Vicente is on the same page but asserting it in a different fashion. I think Vorky understands, but seems to think i have a different agenda.

Faterson is just sitting in the dope bank listening to unicorns rap about the rainbow ghetto.

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