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12-07-2012, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Oh my god.
Just because you MAY be INLINE with the owners, doesn't mean I am in line with the PA.

I wanted the PA to go after the cap if they were going to fight.

If the PA was going to fight for two months or more, I wanted the owners to get smacked.

But that's not happening. The PA has lost.

Forget the crap. Open your eyes. And look at the deal.
I have my eyes wideopen, just because people don't agree with you doesn't mean they don't see what is happening. We just have different opinions. You are absolutely a PA hardliner have been since the start. Don't pretend otherwise it is fine. I am pretty heavily owner at least I own it. I am frustrated with both sides in any event.

But they asked for three major points and gave them and then didn't get theirs back. My opinion is by the way this new 10 year CBA length is the sponsors pushing and it has gotten there because of what both sides have done. I would like to see them go to the 8 and 6 (fine meet at 9 and 7) if that wrapped up the deal, but that is about it. The 5 year contracts and 7 year option for the team is important to them. It makes sense given what a lot of these deals have done and the insurance issues moving forward. I would expect them to make some compromise on variance to make that happen.

For the record CB Owners and their advisors don't see decertification as a risk and I tend to agree with them. That is a very interesting route to take, but there are significant risks for the players in that course as well. You also have to vote to decertify and right now we aren't even sure because Fehr isn't allowing them to vote on anything if that will even carry. Putting this to a decertification vote might turn out to see 400 guys vote to not do it and then tell him to accept close to whatever deal was just out there. I haven't seen a lot that would indicate they love the idea of decertification as a whole. I guess we will find out soon though. James Duthie eluded to the fact he believed the vote on the owners proposal might have carried and would have at least been very close.

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