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12-07-2012, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by jetkarma View Post
His upcoming union job better pay well if he misses all this year , it may be the last year he is in the NHL and that big multi multi million dollar paycheck he is not getting this year won't be replaced.
He will never again get 4 million per season, but there is almost no way I can see him not being in the NHL...he is a solid #4 D, hell I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he is re-signed by Winnipeg this off-season, we don't have much ready in the system on the blueline (specifically LHD), unless the Jets are willing to go with Kulda and convince him to come back to North America next year. Either way, Hainsey will continue in the NHL.

Love them or hate them, unions have the right to defend themselves. Twitter is making some players look a little foolish, but Hainsey has been very professional and is stepping up to lead the union. I am not sure why all the hate. The union has a job to do, hell with Hainsey and crew in there they seemed to make lots of progress. And what he says is true, the players employ Fehr for a reason. Hate the guy all you want (I know I do), but for the players this is his job, they cannot go around him for something crucial like this, this is why he is getting paid.

I know public opinion has swung full tilt around to the NHL's side with this latest fiasco, but you do have to look at it from the players eyes. They are not professional negotiators, lawyers, businessmen. There are plenty of smart players, but they lack the experience and specific knowledge base for a negotiation like this. That's why they bring in a guy like Fehr, and why they listen to him. It's his job, he has the experience. If mid-lockout they turn on their guy will hurt them WAY more than even sitting it out and following Fehr to making a mistake.

Never underestimate, the NHL will press weakness, they certainly did last lockout (anybody remember that the 24% rollback was a union idea, contingent on the absence of a salary cap...the owners then rolled that nice tid bit into every subsequent offer, including those with caps). Both sides are pretty entrenched right now. The NHL has moved plenty from several last offers, it might be biting them right now (union thinks NHL will keep moving) and not all that much is lost from now until mid-january. I think around jan 8-12 you'll see a deal signed similiar to the deals we are seeing right now. The NHL will refuse to keep moving, the union will try to outlast them and suck a little more out of the NHL, at the drop dead date the PA will sign. IMHO.

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