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12-07-2012, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by DirtyDion03 View Post
You need a solid ice breaker then to make it not look creepy. Ask her if she's got something you need.. ask her if she has like a green high lighter or something
Originally Posted by BertCorbeau View Post
Depends on how you break the ice .. But you're walking a fine like of creepiness in that scenario, gutsy play to make
Seems like you are both pointing towards a conversation starter, but what would that be to not be creepy? DirtyDion03 suggested some lines, but what if she's all, "No sorry. I don't have X". Then what? Haha.

My basic move was going to be like: "Hey, can you watch my stuff for a minute?" Then proceed to leave. Come back and thank her (obviously), then jump in with something. I did the first part, then couldn't follow up after thanking her.

Funny thing is, she's actually in one of my classes. I was going to say, "you look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?" then hope she kinda like knows haha. But yeah, reality kicked in and I wasn't sure if that'd be too creepy.

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