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Originally Posted by the fife flyer View Post
I`m perfectly capable of having intelligent debate. As I was having with the Ross Co guy.

You make false statements about the Rangers and I correct you, backing it up with links and you take the hump.

I don`t do petty insults. If I started down that route I`d soon be banned. I deal in fact and opinion. You were more than happy to call us cheats, huns and go on about sporting integrity in the last years thread, but when I mention facts about your club, I`m the bad boy. As I said before, I was quite happy to have a sensible debate
But when you tell me to crawl back to my 4th tier hole, then I have to ask, are you?

Funny that. Most of your posts seem to mention Celtic...

Rangers don't exist. Now go and crawl back to the 4th tier hole where you belong.

Also, Templeton is an idiot. Waste of a career.

Now we all know, Rangers do exist and tomorrow we celebrate our 140th birthday.

If you want to share a peace pipe then go for it.
What false statements? And what facts did you mention about Celtic? That conspiracy theory nonsense? You "back up" your information with opinion pieces from the Daily Record or Rangers fansites... come on man.

Read over your own post that mine was in response to. Sometimes you post too much nonsense to be taken seriously.

140. Whatever you say.

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