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12-07-2012, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by topched View Post
Just the way things are lining up...It looks like our bench will be: Rajai, Buck, Bonifacio + 1more.

Let's say Travis is ready... he could EASILY jump in and we would still be sitting pretty.

Right now we really only have 2 1B's on the roster... Lind and EE. If TDA makes the team out of spring training you could spread enough AB's around to accomodate everyone. It would push Lind to the bench. Your bench is now Rajai, Buck, Lind and Boni. TDA is playing 1st, C or DH. Edwin is playing 1st or DH, and JP is playing 1st or DH. The luxury of having Buck on the bench is that you can DH one of JP or TDA and still have a backup in case the one playing C goes down.

^ I kind of just worked this one out now... but AA's probably had this one figured two weeks before the Marlins trade went down
I will never understand why people want JPA at 1B or DH over Lind.
Lind is a much better hitter than JPA. Last season was Lind's worst as a majorleaguer and he was still better than JPA with the bat. JPA is younger and has good power for a non hitting position like catcher so he has more value but the Jays are a better team with Lind at 1B of DH than JPA.

So yea I dont think that is what AA has worked out in his head.............

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