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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
no doubt being the highest scoring american of all time helped mullen get in.

but let us not forget that he has a postseason record that two of those three americans you named could only dream about.
It has helped him for sure. That being said, I think Mullen tends to get a bad rap at times. Yes being American and hitting that golden 500 number was special, but let's say he isn't in the HHOF. Is he an often discussed player that "should" be in? It would be hard to believe that had Mullen not gotten inducted that we wouldn't be questioning whether or not he deserves it or not.

Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
I honestly think pre-Lockout Pronger would have been looked at in a similar vein as Neely to be honest. 3 AS teams vs 4, but with a Norris, Hart, 1st team and 2 second teams vs 4 second teams. IIRC I don't really think Pronger had the reputation as being a dirty player until he played a couple years in Anaheim. Hard nosed, physical, absolutely... but not dirty. I think not having the negative rep in that regard would have helped him. Then again I wasn't following the west nearly as much when he was on St Louis so I might be completely off-base there... wouldn't be the first time.
I remember in the 1998 playoffs when St. Louis and Detroit played. There was a play where Igor Larionov got tied up with Pronger and Pronger went down to the ice and his errant stick caught Larionov in the ear. On the surface it looked unintentional. But Kelly Hrudey, who was an analyst for the game felt Pronger intentionally did that as he was falling down and he said something along the lines of "this is the kind of fierce play I respect out of Pronger". So yeah, I think he always had that edge to him.

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