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12-07-2012, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
Don't accuse me of lying.
I am anti-owner. Not Pro PA.
You may be Pro-owner. Good for you
Not that it will really matter, but I am anti-union. That is across all walks. While a lot of people dislike the pro sports unions because of the wealth of the constituents at least they aren't trying to dictate policy for society as a whole like the UAW or CCPOA. I don't begrudge people for joining them but I rarely agree with a lot of positions taken by them.

I understand a lot of what they are asking for, 50/50 and to be honest a little north of 50 for the owners makes sense to me. They own the business. But pretty much I guess my anti-union feelings are bleeding over. So you see because I seem to more often than not think like the owner, agree with the owners, I must be pretty pro-owner. You see how that works? If almost everything you say is in complete agreement with the players you are pro NHLPA.

You are basically saying because you think they should actually want to break the cap and go even harder that makes you not pro PA. I guess but at this point that would be like me saying I see no problem with the first owners proposal in July (for the record I did). I am disappointed the owners didn't just keep after that offer so I am no longer pro-owner they are not smashing them hard enough. I was hoping they would do it in such a fashion the union would break altogether and sports unions would no longer be around.

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