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12-07-2012, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by c4fn8d View Post
I don't understand this logic at all. This ENTIRE negotiating has been about how much the players have to give back. Everyone agrees including the players, how they have to give back on the total share of the pie, the contract length, etc. If the players don't want to give up everything the owners want then they are greedy? How does this make any sense?
Because they are a product of the system. They make money when the league flourishes. It's not right now, even though revenue is up, that doesn't mean they are making any sort of profit. So yes, they are greedy imo. They're willing to throw away millions this year for what?

I've worked places in the private sector, big company's where they have gone through salary reductions across the board to employees.
It happens to sustain the business. The players apparently feel the league should keep operating at a loss so they can make a few extra bucks.

I just wish the NHL would say screw it and give in to what they want but say contracts are no longer guaranteed. Surprised they have not pushed that more. Don't want to reduce contract length? Fine no more guaranteed contracts.

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