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12-07-2012, 03:58 PM
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I'm not worried about him staying in Russia once the lockout ends but I wonder how much money they gave him. He's not good enough or a big enough name to get some ridiculous overpayment but Avs management won't like this if it's significantly more than what they were offering him. Signing in Russia for an amount the Avs weren't willing to give him and forcing them to match to bring him back over probably won't sit well with them. Sherman might feel differently than Lacroix did and he might not hold a grudge but in the past, the Avs wouldn't take too kindly to being bullied by a player. Which is what O'Reilly and his agent are doing if this contract is paying him a lot of money.

But I also can't see a 21 year old Canadian wanting to stay in Russia if the NHL is back so maybe he only took a deal that he knows will be matched for sure.

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