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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Burke is likely facing collusion charges if the NHL does not win this point of 5 year contract terms in the CBA, because he has been practicing and preaching that since he arrived in TO.

If smart businessmen which the Owners claim to be, believe there is too much risk for themselves in long-term deals than it doesn't take a CBA legislation to prevent them but rather good business sense to not offer them.

Owners are not forced to offer longer deals even if they're allowed, if they chose not to, based on internal policies and practices.
C'mon Mess you know it only takes one contract to change the dynamics of contract negotiations . The owners are in competition against each other and a wining team generates millions in extra revenues . The agents know this and will use it as leverage in any negotiations to get a better and longer deal for thier client .

For example how well do you think Burke letting Kessel walk because he won't go longer than 5 years play out in Toronto ?

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