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Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
I'm more wondering where the Malkins and Ovechkins of the World could rank among all Russian hockey players, not just NHLers. Was there a given stretch of time where you could say a Russian hockey player was the best in the World? Or even top 3 like Malkin and Ovechkin have arguably been throughout their careers? I know Fedorov and maybe Bure have had claims to that title in individual years, but I'm more talking about a couple year stretch
Like Rhiessan said, only Ovechkin (and maybe Malkin this past year) can make a claim to being the best hockey player in the world. Fedorov did win the Hart in 1994 but if you did a poll at that time do you consider him to be the best player? I think there is a case for others to be ahead of him and that doesn't even take into account an injured Lemieux. I think Malkin was definitely the best player in the world last year. Ovechkin was the best in 2008. That's probably where it ends.

As for some other players the original post mentioned, I don't know how revered Semin will be by the end of his career. It is commonly agreed that he and Mike Green - and not Ovechkin - deserve a lot of the lion's share for poor performances in the playoffs from the Capitals. Kovalchuk in this past year impressed me a lot more than he ever has. Ovechkin and Malkin look to be two players on the verge of being all-time greats.

As of right now I still have Fedorov as my all-time best Russian NHLer. Too great of a playoff portfolio to ignore and it is something that the others can only dream of right now.

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