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12-07-2012, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by LeafOfBread View Post
GSP's not ducking Hendricks. I don't see why he has any reason to be afraid of Hendricks; it's because he wants to settle his score with Diaz. He really hates that guy, and honestly it's pretty understandable since Diaz is one of the biggest tools I've ever seen.

Also, look what GSP posted on Facebook today:

Considering he said he had "unfinished business" with Diaz, he wants to demolish him first and then move onto bigger and better things.
He might not like Diaz and he might want to beat him badly but this is about the money. A fight against Diaz will sell a lot of PPVs and make him a lot money. He'll still make good money against Hendricks but not nearly as much.

Also, no one actually thinks he's ducking Hendricks. m9 just brought that up because of the double standards against Anderson Silva on this board and if you go back and look at the threads, it's usually GSP fans who are criticizing Silva the most. Some people accused him of ducking Weidman even though it's the same situation. He didn't want to fight Weidman because he's not a big name and he could make more money fighting other guys. GSP can say whatever he wants and post some stupid quotes on his facebook page but he knows which fight is going to make him more money.

Hendricks has been ranting big time on twitter and he's not holding anything back when it comes to GSP. He also says he'll continue to sit out until he gets his title shot. Enjoy your time off buddy.

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