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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Look no further than the NYI offering Rick Dipietro a 15 year deal the set this ball in motion.. Now the NYIs are crying foul on long contracts and can't compete in a hard cap system, with the owner wanting to relocate his team to Brocklyn, NY.

Now we have a lockout to protect bad Owners from themselves and their own foolishness, while the owners blame the players for the way they run their businesses.
Once again, you're right. Hypothetically, let's say Snow gets fired when the season starts up. How is it fair to the new GM, or the franchise that because of one idiot's decision, he's saddled with $4.5M wasted cap space for a decade? If a GM wants to mess up his team/cap during his regime, so be it. Don't screw up the team for a generation, though. It's not healthy for the franchise, nor the league.

As Leafs fans, we should be very familiar with inheriting previous regime's mess, and how difficult it can be to recover from. Just imagine if some of those contracts Burke started off with still had a decade left on them.

Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Fehr is a much better poker player because every time he bluffs, Bettman folds and packs up shop, and each time he returns to the table the CBA gets better and better (by surrendering less) for the PA, whom Fehr is employed by..

The Billionaire Owners that broker large corporate deals all the time, thought they could bluff the uneducated players into a bad CBA for them by this mismatch of business savvy, but they also held fast and in the end the mighty Owners folded up, and left the table the big losers in this last go round.

The ball caps and toques all just apart of the image of the players representing the regular guy, just like you and I trying to earn a living, and having a union fight for them to prevent unfair labour practices.
Yes, the players are clearly winning.

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