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12-07-2012, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by topched View Post
How do they fit hand in glove? Essentially you're suggesting that they move Canada's game into the later time slot to accomodate viewers in the NA timezone.

What you forget is that SVK and GER would lose the in arena attendance that they would receive for the later game in Russia.... which those kids deserve, as this will likely be one of their only games with the potential for a full house (aside from playing the host team). And you also are stripping Slovakians and Germans who may be interested in this tournament from viewing that game at a reasonable time in their respective countries.

You have to organize the tournament fairly. Each team needs to be given afternoon and night games in Russia. As with previous tournaments only the host team should be given preferential treatment with regards to time slots and television viewership.

This tournament is as popular as its ever going to get in Canada. The room for growth is among other countries... long term that is where the potential for growth in profits is going to come from.
What would the times be for the games in Germany/Slovakia, and would it really be as big a difference as it makes for North American viewers?

From a scheduling standpoint, if each team needs to be given afternoon and evening games then the way it is now Canada is at the bottom of the barrel with a single evening game (against Russia). Slovakia is one up on them with two games, so switching this game around would have them swap places. So there really isn't an ideal way to do it, but I still can't help but feel that this isn't coincidental.

As for the disparity in the host country, personally I've always thought it was fine as is. Rather than looking at it as being hosted in Canada/US every other year as opposed to Russia/Czech/Sweden/Finland/etc, consider it from the perspective of alternating between North America and Europe. Time zone-wise this is a fairly even split. If Russia was interested in hosting the event in different regions across the country I'd say make it a 3 way split between Europe, North America, and Russia, but as far as I know these things are usually held in Western Russia so are a part of the Eastern European region.

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