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Originally Posted by Hollywood Couturier View Post
Didn't the NHL put $100M more on the table during these negotiations only for the PA to take it and give nothing back? The thing about the vote is that they most likely won't have one until Fehr signs off on it which won't happen.
They put $100M of make-whole after the players agreed on 50/50 which was 7% of future revenues from what they were offering. The least the owners could have done was promise to pay in full all the contracts they spend so much money on in the summer leading up to the lockout.

The owners tried to shove a CBA down the PA's throat via confusion in shuffling people in and out of the room. The owners wanted a circus this week, and they got one.

Bettman was angry yesterday because it didn't work. They're going to put make-whole back on the table, and the players will eventually relent on it. I think term-limits will be 7 or 8. The length-make whole-term limits "package deal" will depend on the rest of it.

As with many CBA's, and then look up the ladder at politics, these things go to the brink. They will look over the cliff before hammering this out.

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