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Originally Posted by ATdaisuki View Post
super easy to get autographs. i recommend going during the practices i don't know about warm-ups, but after the game should be fine too. if you ask some fans they'll point you in the right direction. the best part about their old arena is it has an area outside the locker room that the players go through to go on the ice that you're allowed to go to.

i haven't been there in a while, but that was how it was last time i went.
What are the odds of getting autographs,chatting up the players, and finding out which bar they go to after the game and going out to drink with them? (i'm a 23 yr old jockish guy...not some old fat bald man the players would be scared of)

I'm thinking of going down with my buds. I saw bunch of senators at Cabin after last season, but before the playoffs. Had drinks and chatted with zack smith and others.

Would this be easy enough to do considering it's a small town and there's only likely a handful of bars that the players would go to. I just love talking to players about the AHL/NHL and chirping other guys with them. It's funny. Anyways, let me know what to expect. Thanks.

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