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12-07-2012, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Nice Try. Barclays has 20 teams. The NHL thirty. All Barclays teams are making money. Having 10 more teams(all of which lose money) is a deal breaker.

Very few EPL teams make money. They are investment holes for the super rich. Some of the most marketable and powerful football clubs in the world like Manchester United/Liverpool have or do have issues with debt. Chelsea posted a financial profit for the first time under Abramovich (A tiny one) ; because they won the Champions league.

The EPL is a juggernaut. Far more significant than the NHL. It's still a growing business ; it's new TV contract grew again, and it's international rights will grow too. However, perhaps not in the short-term, or even medium term, the EPL will have serious problems. The capital investment and player salaries cannot go on indefinitely. Something will break.

Unlike the NHL however, the ability for break aways and new super leagues is much much easier in Europe. The power is in the hands of the elite few in soccer.

The NHL is less likely to disappear than the current EPL structure for so many factors it isn't worth getting in to.

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