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12-07-2012, 04:48 PM
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Perhaps you guys wouldn't find regular confrontations between North-American and European hockey attractive, but I would, and I bet so would many other hockey fans.
It is not that I dont want games among Europe and NHL, but I dont think it is real to have common league. Tourney can be, like Victoria Cup.

- NHL does not want competition with euro clubs, only exibitions
- NHL drafts rules are against EU law (maybe not)

It is not problem to make a schedulle for global league, if both sides want to create such league. It is not real in my eyes. That is a reason I dont support the idea.

Maybe sometimes in future... ok, but firstly Europe must be united in one league or competition. And it is a big problem for Europe. Secondly, all euro federations/leagues must have the same attitude to NHL transfer policy - Russia and Czech rep vs Finland, Sweden etc. Third, NHL transfer agreement with Europe must be advantageous for Europe as well, not like today.

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