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Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post
Here's my stereotype map:

Western Canada: Team players, dependable, fearless
Canadians Prairies: Imposing, willfull, nasty
Ontario: Well-rounded, leaders
Quebec: Skilful, slippery
Atlantic Canada: ...tempestuous? (Crosby? Marchand? idk lol)

USA: Relentless, one-man armies
Finland: Gritty, aggressive, speedy
Sweden: Smart, responsible
Russia: Smooth, flashy
Czech Republic/Slovakia: Efficient, commendable
The Prairies and Western Canada are one and the same. lol

Originally Posted by LSnow View Post
Canadians are skilled goons who start a hissy fit everytime they are being outplayed and then try to injure the opposition.
Russians are incredibly skilled but selfish and lazy.

Swedish are emotionless robots who only win because of lady fortuna.

Finns are unskilled chokers who try hard.

Slovakians are trap masters who just try to counter-attack.

USA players are unskilled goons, but play fair.

And those are the common stereotypes you hear in Finland.

If it wasn't for the reality that they are so seldom outplayed this would be even funnier then it is already. Jealousy?

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