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12-07-2012, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Sorry, in none of what you wrote I found an explanation of why it is "nonsense", and I read it at least twice. What far more resembles "nonsense" to me is today's situation, with all the best European players fleeing to a different continent so they never get to play competitive games on the continent and in the country where they were born.
You've been explicity told numerous times. It does not work economically, because the European markets involved are significantly weaker economically. Unless Europe can offer salaries to rival the NHL, this will not change.

European players going to the NHL is simply a business career, similar to any other industry. People go where the money is. If i was offered good/better money to work in a different country, i would take it. I want to experience more than simply my own country.

The notion that people should remain in domestic outlets to work because they were born there is nonsense. You are somehow assocating yourself with these atheletes because you were born on the same continent. Don't. They are simply people you do not know moving elsewhere because it suits them. Patriotism/Nationalism is inherently flawed at the best of times, but you seem to lack any coherent understanding of why the situation is why it is.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Who says something needs to "change" in the sense you mean? All I'm saying is it might be beneficial and attractive, at some point in the future, to sacrifice about a quarter of the games in the 82-game season schedule to regular confrontations between North-American and European hockey -- provided the participating European clubs are competiitive enough to defeat NHL clubs on a nightly basis.
How are these European clubs going to compete with the NHL teams? Better players. How do they acquire these players? Money. Where does this money come from? You haven't solved or answered anything. Instead you insist on dancing around the issue, proposing idealistic notions lacking any validity or realism behibd them.

Tell me how European teams become more competitive.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
That arrangement only counts on 10 games per season to be played on a different continent. Otherwise, the leagues might go on as they do today, no change required -- except that about 1 in every 4 games would be against a team from a different continent, and points from those games would, naturally, be included in the league tables. Perhaps you guys wouldn't find regular confrontations between North-American and European hockey attractive, but I would, and I bet so would many other hockey fans.
Drivel. You've jumped phase 1 and are now discussing phase 8. How you get there, not what you do when you get there, is the discussion. If a poor man in Brazil wants to fly to London and live in Park lane, one doesn't ask him what he'll do when he is there, one asks him how he is going to get there.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
The current KHL season is only 52 games long -- but if it were 82 games long as proposed (and as usual in the NHL), you'd get to see 20 games of your favourite team against North-American opponents, in addition to the entire current KHL season, plus 10 more bonus games. What's wrong with that, in principle?
You haven't established how the principle works. It's like declaring your intention to time travel, without telling us how.

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