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12-07-2012, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by OEL View Post
4G is a must. Don't get anything that's not 4G. I've got tethering enabled as well, and I use that stuff all the time.

I just got a Samsung S3 (similar to the Note II, just a bit smaller). I'm happy. HD screen, light, not too bulky, fast, it's a nice phone. Keep in mind I'm no fan boy - over the past couple years I've been using iOS, Android and Win Phone 7 equally. Win Phone beats all of them in terms of ease of use, but the app market, maps and Bing search suck ass. iOS maps blow, and I feel like the whole OS just looks outdated. I can't navigate that thing without going nuts. Android is not particularly impressive as an OS, but it gets the job done, Google apps are top-notch, you get tons of device options and a huge app market. For now, clear winner IMO.

I've moved away from iTunes and switched to Amazon MP3 about a year ago. Uploaded all my existing music to Amazon Cloud Drive, and I can stream or download it all using the Amazon Cloud Player. Mp3 store selection is fantastic, prices are low, and the music plays on all my devices. If all you care about on your iPod is listening to music, I highly, highly recommend switching to Amazon. No need for an iPod, your phone is all you'll need. You may have to go through some AAC > MP3 conversions if you hadn't captured as MP3 originally, but that's a one time thing and you'll be happy to be out of Apple's golden cage.

EDIT: as far as the Flash thing is concerned, don't sweat it too much. Even if you get it to run, it'll drain your battery. You're better off without it. I thought it was important when I got my Kindle Fire and Android phone, but in the end I turned it off.
I tried a Windows Phone recently and I must admit I came away very impressed. They really are slick little devices but I don't think I could switch to them until they get a better ecosystem in place, it's the main thing holding them back. As for right now though I share your opinion that Android is the one to beat. are you liking Amazon cloud service, is it that reliable? What about it's uploading system, last time I checked it was a pain in the ass to upload if you had a really large music collection. That's still the main reason I never migrated to Amazon or Google's music cloud services. These days I just use Spotify for general listening.

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