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12-07-2012, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Maybe sometimes in future...
Yes, exactly. We're talking about the long-term future here, not the 2013/14 season, not even 2017/18.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
ok, but firstly Europe must be united in one league or competition.
That's correct! It would be ideal to have 30 (or so) top-quality European teams to compete with the 30 (or so) NHL teams. But for this to happen, each European country (including Russia) woud have to sacrifice the bulk of the teams from its current top national league, so that only the very best teams from the various European national leagues would get to play in the world-wide hockey league. It would basically mean the end of European national hockey leagues as we know them today. And I don't think European countries are ready to do that -- today. It can only be a long-term vision.

Speaking of realistic expansion news, the new SKA coach Yalonen said today he can imagine a Finnish team joining the KHL within 2 or 3 years. I don't think he was only being polite to Russian journalists in saying that. It would be a huge step forward if KHL caught foot in Finland -- and I find Germany and Switzerland to be equally crucial, mainly because they're economic super-powers. Then, Sweden might "relent", too, and send a team to the KHL. Regarding the Czech Republic, it would be more beneficial for the KHL if Lev ceased to exist, or merged with Sparta, so that a traditional Czech club gets to play in the KHL. It should be traditional clubs from each country, not artificial, KHL "custom-ordered" clubs.

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