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12-07-2012, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Um, no?

Teams still have to pay coaches, scouts, trainers, rink maintenance, etc.

Teams still have to reserve dates for the arenas, perhaps costing them money in a lease , or the loss of potential revenue by having the rink empty (if they own the rink ala AEG).

They may still get there NBC deal paid out, but they will subsequentely lose that revenue in year 10 of the deal (or potentially if the deal is signed mid-season the not get a full payment for the season this year, meaning that they lose some TV revenue they are not getting back).

Not too mention any potential revenue they lose going forward from the backlash from the lockout. The teams are losing money by sitting idle either way. The players stand to lose more, but it's hurting everybody.

Both sides are being stupid, fighting over the scraps of a dwindling pie. Urgh. Screw em all.
According to the Wall Street Journal, 11 teams lost money last year. They can maintain their funds by renting out the arenas. I was making a generalization to agree with the article that says that Fehr is a fighter that is used to fighting against huge money making leagues. It was a bad hire by the players. Not the kind of union leader they needed.

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