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12-07-2012, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
According to the Wall Street Journal, 11 teams lost money last year. They can maintain their funds by renting out the arenas. I was making a generalization to agree with the article that says that Fehr is a fighter that is used to fighting against huge money making leagues. It was a bad hire by the players. Not the kind of union leader they needed.
Ok agreed. Sorry, I did not have time to read that article (exam finals right now). Just wanted to point out, the owners are not necessarily getting off scot free here. Although it is true it will hurt them less.

They would have been much better off with a leader that would work with the NHL. Maybe then we wouldn't have needed to see the moderates try a coup like they did last week...

I suppose that's all moot now. The players have no choice but to follow Fehr now, it's much too late at this point for anything else. They will live or die with him. As I posted in another thread, the players have hired him (whether that be wrong or right) and now they have to back him. Turning on him at all will only have the NHL attacking and pushing them back further.

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