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Originally Posted by racerjoe View Post
You missed the point of well that poitn. It was simply to state everyone is speculating, and then saying we need to trade by this date. Who knows, now maybe we get down to 50/50 the way the players suggested, by going 57%, then 54%, then 51% and this keeps the cap at 70 mil, meaning we can afford Lui until whenever.

All I was saying is it is all speculation at this point. There is no drop dead date right now for trading lui, just like we can't actually trade lui.
Sure it's all speculation, but I'm speculating on what seems to be the most probable outcome of the CBA. The owners and players had reportedly agreed in principle on the money, which Bettman said would keep the salary cap at 70 million this year before dropping to 60 million next year.

If you want to do your own speculation, and make claims like 'decertification is just as likely as ratifying a new CBA' then go ahead. I just don't see why you need to have a fit when others speculate based on the scenario that the cap drops to 60 million after this season.

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