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Right on, Spex. Mr. Obnoxious Gross thinks his act is funny and has a smug attitude. Should have been canned for good the first time around. I can only stomach the odd segment of the afternoon show if there is a solid guest for Simpson to banter with. Yes, Simpson is high on himself, but at least he is connected to the NHL, unlike the rest of the station.

Glad to see many concur with my sentiments on the current Team 1200 roster. Having spent much of the past month in TO, the depth of coverage offered by the Fan 590 is infinitely superior to anything in Ottawa. As the Team 1200 has been bringing back some duds from the past (Gross in the afternoons, Stoodley for a regular Wednesday afternoon segment etc.), and with the CFL in Ottawa on the horizon, it might be beneficial to provide some grades concerning some recent Team 1200 fires/cuts before they are brought back into the fold.

Terry Marcotte B-
Bland personality on the surface (25 years of reading teleprompters and filing insignificant reports at CTV Ottawa evidently takes its toll). However, the CTV sports icon shed his vanilla image, came out of his shell and showed an alter-ego who had a slight edge and would not back down from his opinion. An interesting character study to his bookish Clark Kent-esque persona at CTV. Worked well with Versage, has a clear voice, stayed on topic, and was very well informed, particularly on the local scene, enabling both guys to play to their strengths. Tends to be the devil’s advocate, and often provides odd arguments. Makes me wonder: why don’t we ever hear the weekend guy Corey Ginther on the radio? He seems like he would have some interesting takes.

Kurt “The Creepy Whisperer” Stoodley F-
Now has his own regular segment on Wednesdays on The Drive. Ironically, is brought in as a sports expert, as Shawn Simpson, a recent NHL executive, is asking Stoodley NHL lockout-related questions. Evidently, either the world is upside-down or the Team1200 are really desperate to fill time. Verifying his unmatched ego, the guy plays the insider role with a straight face and proceeds to spend an entire segment listing his buddies (coworkers) who went on a Boston trip and slept on the docks. Stoodley is the most pompous, phony, self-promoting b.s. artist out there. Everything this guy says is 100% unnatural with a pretentious vibe. The poster child for Ottawa media d-bags who view themselves as talented celebrities. Buddy, you’re a co-host of an embarrassingly insipid and inane local 6am TV show (with no local competition) aimed at the half-awake and simpleton audience that could – and very well should – be canned any day. And drop the creepy whispering, there’s a reason nobody else in radio or TV does it.

Stuart Schwartz AKA Stuntman “The Punching Bag” Stu F
As much as I try to like the guy, there is nothing engaging about him. Blessed with a strong voice, he has zero personality and minimal knowledge beyond basic headlines. As astutely noted by many on here, he’s a conversation killer. Someone delivers a great zinger and he’s the one guy on the sidelines trying to figure it out. Making it worse, he then draws attention to himself by offering a weak mood-killing serious question or comment 1,000 miles after the joke. Ironically, it leaves one wondering why he bothered saying anything, for it merely highlights his dim-wittedess and mood-killing ability. The ultimate PUTZ. Profoundly lacks any wit or sense of humor; both prerequisites of a morning host, especially a flaky one lacking substance or insight. I am sick of seeing this guy milking every local public event (ditto Stoodley and Jim Watson, please get some hobbies that don’t involve self-promotion). I can't imagine how anyone with any solid musical or intellectual IQ can voluntarily listen to any of the nonsensical, forced pretentious morning shows with these annoyingly extroverted, hyperactive hosts. They promote a shallow existence which the lobotomized masses gladly follow.

“Jungle” Jim Jerome F
A one-trick pony who failed miserably in his LCD role. Stole valuable airtime. Annoyed guests. Took any cheap shot available. Remarkably unfunny. The ultimate windbag (Dean Brown being a distant second). Who at CFGO thought anyone would desire 3 HOURS A DAY of this clown, especially in a well-informed government town? 3 MINUTES A MONTH would have been MORE THAN ENOUGH, and only if proven he could deliver regular laughs, which was rarely the case. Hijacked intelligent interviews with his useless banter; had the attention span of a child with profound ADHD. Even daily regular Pierre McGuire was left perplexed, but politely tolerated his absurd and often idiotic questions. Scratchy voice, irritating over-the-top laughter at his own adolescent fratboy humor. Like pepty, slamigo, lynx and others on here, I would gladly avoid this guy at parties. He’s an obnoxious, senseless, attention-hoarding whose overt simple-mindedness would be nothing more than an outspoken nuisance. And the fact he married up to get a doctor sugar momma to support his nonsense highlights his self-centred approach while solidifying his pathetic contribution to humanity.

Mike Eastwood C-
Man was this guy ever an irritable, humorless jerk with a major chip on his shoulder. Pompous, condescending and all-knowing with callers (just like Dean Brown was on postgame shows). Joked with MacArthur about ‘biker chick,’ free food and inside stuff going on in between commercials, but then saved his wrath for legitimate callers, while being buddy-buddy with a select few callers (like Irish Tommy, bless his heart). If one could get past these issues, he brought rare insight into the psychological state of the team without wearing the rose-colored glasses that dominate the station. The nightly Clouston-bashing in 2010-11 and exasperated “face the facts, this isn’t a very good team,” (while at the same time instructing the good listener that the Sens would never improve until Clouston was fired) was both intriguing and frustrating given the roster was nearly identical to the banged-up one that pushed a healthy Pittsburgh team hard in the 2010 playoffs with Clouston at the helm. Given all the negativity directed at the local team and its fans, it is surprising he lasted so long.

Scott “Milquetoast” MacArthur D
Incredibly ordinary guy, the Team1200 actively seeks these types. Clear voice was eerily similar to Lloyd’s. Combined with his knack for stating the obvious and bringing a list of prepared questions, I always thought of him as Lloyd Jr. Always had a vague, elitist tone, especially on postgame shows. Never challenged Eastwood’s irrational rants at callers, which made him come off as a wimp who took the path of least resistance rather than one of objective reason, which the top dogs in broadcasting master (Dave Hodge, Ron MacLean come to mind). Fine as a generic host for the pregame roundtable, though virtually every single call-in show was reduced to being Eastwood’s weak tag team partner vs. the enemy callers, as even those who gave solid points were shot down in a smug manner. As a host, his job was to deliver a non-judgmental forum for open debate, a modest goal in which he failed miserably.

Glenn “Kulster” Kulka D+
Yes he was ignorant, well in over his head on live radio and absolutely butchered the English language, though I enjoyed his passion and found him more entertaining than the vast majority of the current Team 1200 roster, which is heavily reliant on unfunny straight-man hosts (Lloyd, Gross, Versage etc.). Had some classic interviews, and was never afraid to attack the guest with verbal tirades, which (often unintentionally) made for some hilarious radio. The regular and well-deserved Lonie Glieberman dismantlings were classics. Ditto uptight bureaucrat Clive Doucet. Kulka could be used effectively in a limited role provided he is kept on a very short leash, away from callers, and in his element (CFL) with a strong supporting cast.

Side note: Given all the local connections, and recent resurgence in the game, the station should have a weekly local one-hour CFL show (May through November), preferably on Thursdays to set up the matchups. When the CFL comes back to Ottawa, I and surely many others would really enjoy hearing a pregame roundtable panel with a rotating crew of locals Jeff Avery, Stephen Jones, Mike Sutherland, Duke Ellingson, Ken Evraire and Kulka. Props for the early 70s Riders aside, they would offer significantly more than Tony Gabriel's slow, boring, longwinded anecdotes that have monopolized any Rough Riders/Renegades pregame show for the past 25+ years. The station even routinely parodies the guy with their clips of his endless insomnia-curing narratives.

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