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12-07-2012, 06:21 PM
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It's been almost a year since this thread ended, so it might be good for updating.

For me, it's Matt Sekeres by a country mile. I'm waiting for Blake Price to reach across and punch his lights out during a broadcast. I usually have them on at lunchtime only, after switching over from NW after the noon news and listening to Rick Quinton botching the answer to "When was the first Grey Cup game played?" a few weeks ago. Hint: This year was the 100th anniversary

Anyhow, back to Sekeres: the extent of his siding against Bettman and the owners is mind-boggling. He completely lacks the skill of critical thinking that is necessary for someone to be working as an on-air personality. Unlike Pratt - who clearly plays the devil's advocate at times - Sekeres comes across as the guy in school who won't shut up and is left talking to the wall, and won't even stop that.

Today, he and Blake were talking about possible contraction of franchises and the subsequent loss of 30 jobs for NHL players. Sekeres had no understanding of how it could be argued that the union should bear some of the cost with keeping bad franchises alive as it was in the members' best interests. He didn't understand why franchises like Columbus felt it necessary to give out exorbitant free agent contracts to players like James Wisniewski (many players don't want to play in that market, unless there is a carrot). It was a BAD idea to give him a regular slot between the hrs of 4AM and 3AM

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Not a fan of matthew sakaris... I find most of the hosts on 1040 are way to subjective.. and don't reasonably entertain other peoples' opinions.

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