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Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
Bettman should be canned for the simple reason that he refuses to negotiate off of a NHLPA proposal. He refuses to give their proposals due consideration before outright rejecting them. How can you reject four proposals each after 10 minutes when the other party takes hours / days to analyze your proposals, identify issues and counter? Sure, the PA may not be giving you what you want, but counter-offer, negotiate, discuss, bring up the problems, etc. Simply rejecting the proposals that quickly doesn't buy you any good faith, trust or cooperation. How can you lead a group in a negotiation if you're so socially inept? If you have to present the final proposal for it to be accepted by the PA, check your ego at the door or go to hell.

If you present the same empty box with a different color bow on it each time, it's still a empty box.

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