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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
The warning bells could be heard miles away the day the PA hired Fehr.

All you have to do is look at the amount of labour stoppages that Bettman and Fehr have under their belts. Bettman is in his 3rd stoppage, while Fehr is in his 6th stoppage in 8 total bargaining sessions.

If anything, their history has proven that they are capable of keeping their clients on a leash, and that they are more than capable of killing seasons.

I was surprised that more wasn't made out of the Fehr hiring at the time. I was thinking about a potential labour dispute the moment the PA decided to hire him.

Its unfortunate for the fans, but as much as we may wanted to brush it off, the possibility of a stoppage was all too real the moment Fehr was hired.
Exactly my thoughts.

As much as I hate Bettman I hate Fehr even more. After all he was the man that led the MLBPA through the strike that cancelled the world series in 94. That strike killed the Expos' best shot at a world series championship and doomed the franchise.

I also have issues with the players wanting a higher revenue percentage than the NFL (47%) and the NBA (51%). If the players think they are getting screwed with what the owners are offering now they should just be glad that the owners don't want to go to non-guaranteed contracts like the NFL has.

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