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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
The owners acted like the petulant, selfish, evil jerks they've always been?

Jacobs extended a bunch of his players only to want them to take massive paycuts afterwards when the ink was dry. If that doesn't summarize the NHL's greasy behaviour in a nutshell I dunno what does.

The players went to consult their council and then they're told that the offer's off the table. And then Bob Mac goes on air/twitter and says "the owners are deeply disappointed". Christ, this is so transparent! It peeves me off!!! Same this happened with the first "50/50" offer which was, in fact, not at all a 50/50 offer. TSN got it and ran with it and public opinion aka the mouthbreathers went ape and started clamoring that the NHLPA are being selfish and greedy. Then it was revealed that the 50/50 offer was completely full of lies. Bob Mack, and Darren Dreger are suckling on the NHL's teat just like they've always been. Like with every suspension, like with the Chara hit, like with EVERYTHING.

This is a lockout not a player strike. The league's had record revenues, the owners get public (tax-payer) funding for a lot of their arenas and a massive amount of collateral, there is literally no team that is costing its owner more money than it is making (save, maybe, Phoenix though it's very complicated)... The players have every right to be furious.
That counts as HRR. Just do you know. Taxpayer bailouts count as money owed to players.

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