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12-07-2012, 06:45 PM
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Man my studies is such a cluster****er right now..

If I don't get into my full time program I can do it part time. But it's 3-4grand more, because 3 of those courses are multiplied by 2, so 6 courses for what would be 3 in full time. 9 classes I would have to take in part time studies, but since they're all in the ****ing evening I would have to take them from January to June(two semesters.)

Now if I get into my full time program it's 9 courses and a few of them are half term courses, and I took 2 already to get some exempted, so it would likely be 8/7-2 for 5 or 6 courses in total from Jan to May. Only cost me 2.5grand, and I'll get the summer off to work more hours.

The only reason why I'm considering part time is cause I had to wait a year to get into my program since I'm doing advanced placement. I can't afford to put my education on hold for another year so I better get in.

Now how they determine if I get in or not is not even based on first come first serve. It's, "who they feel will be the most successful candidate," a.k.a. GPA, and other specialties that I probably won't possess.


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