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Originally Posted by Stats01 View Post
I know it won't happen but why not grandfather in the contracts that are longer than 8 years, and start fresh with current RFA's?

It will not have any impact on lower tier players because those players would never get a 5 year deal in the first place. This is the problem with Fehr and the current negotiation, Fehr is representing only a small amount of players. The ones who are filthy rich who are making 8-10 mil a year. He isn't representing a 4th liner or a fringe NHLer. These guys just want a deal and play to make a living. Out of the 750 players probably 100-200 are actually being represented right now.
If there is only a small percentage of players involved why are the owners making such a big deal out of it?

Give the stars the star treatment and give the depth players their due.

The 197475 season saw another change to its playoff system to accommodate the league of 18 teams, twelve of which qualified for the playoffs. The top team from each division would earn a bye to the quarterfinal, while the second- and third-place teams from each division started their playoff run from a best-of-three preliminary round.
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