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Originally Posted by opendoor View Post
Under a capped and linked system the players ARE entitled to a negotiated upon share. It was the owners that created this system that guaranteed the players this share. The players weren't entitled to certain share for the entire existence of the NHL until the NHL foisted linkage upon them in 2005.

Foisted? It was a part of a negotiation. And in my view, in the end, the players won. Of course they are entitled to a share, based on the negotiation. And that is exactly why the owners are negotiating now.

If the NHL wants a salary cap and linkage, then they have accept that players are entitled to a negotiated upon share of HRR. I'm sure the players would be just fine if they could go back to pre-2004 where they weren't guaranteed a share of anything, but the last time that happened the owners ended up spending 75% of their revenues on salary. The teams simply have no discipline when it comes to spending so they created a system where players were guaranteed a portion of Hockey Related Revenue; no more, no less.

Agreed. In fact, it mirrors society as a whole- we spend more than we earn, and we are all about to pay for that in a real serious way.

Further, you cannot build a system based upon providing a team like Phoenix or Columbus a positive ROI; it's simply impossible. Those teams have gate revenues of $20M or so. Their players could play for free and they'd still probably lose money, absent a lot of revenue sharing. You cannot base employee compensation off of ensuring that the absolute bottom of the barrel team will turn a profit. It's simply not possible in a league with revenues as disparate as the NHL.

Disagree! We must find a system that allows for those franchises to be successful. Or, there will be 150 less jobs in the NHL- at least. And that system must rightly include revenue sharing and a salary structure that allows for a possible ROI for all clubs moving forward. Moving some franchises may be part of the answer, but so is ensuring that salaries are kept under control from overly competitive/wealthy owners and played who wish to squeeze every possible buck out of the system while they can...

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