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12-07-2012, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Dogs getting completely dominated...again. The amount of 1 to 5 shot periods this team has is beyond ridiculous. That's on the coaching.

The dinosaur Lefebvre deserves every bit of this with his ridiculous policies and his stubbornness with refusing to break up a winning lineup and such. Playing 2 goons almost every game with the murderous and difficult schedule this team has is just ridiculous. You are essentially telling the opposition that they only have to be concerned about 3 lines.

But seriously, let me rant about the schedule. I'd love to see the strength of schedule stats for the AHL because the Dogs schedule has to be the hardest. Every game they face a good team, or a real good team. Rochester is like the weakest team they've faced this year based on the current standings (and they were doing well early when Hodgson was healthy). Syracuse isn't even in their conference yet this is the 3rd meeting?!?

I worked out the math a few games back, expected winning percentage for an average team against Hamilton's level of schedule would be closer to .400 than .500. They have a brutal division but also have been playing only division leaders outside it besides St. John's. Its notable how much better a team they looked when not facing a top tier AHL lineup.

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