Thread: Illegal Curve - TSN 1290: Statement from Winnipeg Jets Governor Mark Chipman
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12-07-2012, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Paradise View Post
Just because someone thinks differently than yourself, doesn't mean it's negative Huffer. Us fans aren't always going to agree on everything and that's part of the draw of this board, difference in opinions and the freedom to express them. I personally say what I believe and if that doesn't go with the norm, then so be it. I like my individuality. In my life I tell it like I see it, no sugar coating, just my own perception from trying to see all sides of the puzzle. That's not to say that's how you should or shouldn't see things, it's just my personal line of thinking. I don't think inside a box, outside the box, because to me there is no box at all. It's just a perception of one's reality and they are entitled to that as humans. I don't want you to think that I'm singling you out, but I thought your message was looking for a reply of some sort and decided that I'd try my best to give that to you, from my own line of thinking. I hope that this clears things up about my views on some of the subjects that you mentioned.
That's 100% not what I am saying. I have NEVER said that if someone doesn't think the same as myself, or with the norm that that is being negative, or that they are wrong.

But, there is a major difference in not seeing things the same way and having rational, logical discussions on the merits of each position, and just posting negative comments and positions day after day.


"Player X doesn't look like he's playing good to me. (insert rational argument here to back up statement)."


"Player X is garbage. Can't believe that TNSE drafted this guy, what a joke of an organization. Player X should be cut tomorrow."

I agree that discussion is the best part of the board. But the second opinion elicits no discussion, just a negative dump on the player / org/ coaching staff / whatever.

I was a huge (and still am I guess) fan of Stuart last year. Loved what he brought to the team. But after seeing some of Garret's analysis and seeing how effective he really was has changed my position somewhat.

Now if someone just decides to post "Stuart suxors, we should trade him for a bag of pucks," that doesn't seem to create a very constructive dialog.

All I am saying is that it seems like we see a lot more of the second type of statements from some and not the first. Basically being negative for negativity's sake.

That's how I see things anyway.

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